Kayak Loading

Kayak (Fishing) Loading Made Easy

The LOAD MATE was designed to help load almost any size and shape of boat up to a max weight of 150 pounds. Its non-corroding materials make it ideal for the outdoors, and its light weight, makes it easy to carry and it folds up nicely to fit in your vehicle for transport. Why pay for an expensive boat trailer, have the Hassel of storing it, and have the need of requiring a trailer hitch to just go Kayak fishing, when all you really need is just the LOAD MATE. Also hulling a boat trailer with your Fishing Kayak is not practical when you wish to travel off road, to get your boat deep into the country, to where the fish are. It takes about one minute to quickly assemble it, and its height is adjustable to suit a small car to the height of a typical Minivan. It’s strong and stable even in a strong wind, and does not contact your vehicle in any way. The Boat Attachment simply clips onto the top of the LOAD MATE then you’re ready to go. The LOAD MATE is then placed anywhere 360 degrees around your vehicle, wherever you wish to load. Normally it would be at the front or rear of your vehicle bumper. The Boat Attachment can swivel  around its post and can tilt upwards and downwards. One end of the Kayak is lifted up onto the top of the LOAD MATE and secured tightly down by a cam buckle strap. The Kayak could be attached with either its bottom or top side facing upwards.  You then lift the Kayak's lower end that is still on the ground upwards, thus having the Kayak floating in the air horizontal to the ground. It only requires one hand to support it as the LOAD MATE end is being held securely preventing the Kayak to fall, slide, or to roll to the side. No part of the vehicles roof rack, trailer hitch or expensive roller attachments are being used or required. With the Kayak in the air, you then just walk around the vehicle, pivoting around the LOAD MATE stand, until the entire Kayak is over the roof of the vehicle. Then once in the correct position, simply lower your Kayak's end onto the roof or the roof rack, until its being completely supported. Then move to the other end of the Kayak, and detach the LOAD MATE and set this end of the Kayak down. The LOAD MATE can now be stored away in your vehicle for the next time. Now you can tie your Kayak down for the ride. The LOAD MATE gives you the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE to be able to do it alone, quickly and safely too. Take care, happy boating and enjoy…

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What our clients have to say:

"I just bought this load mate and it was so easy to assemble and to use. Now I can go out canoeing alone without stressing being worried of finding someone around to help me with the loading and unloading of it."

"I just love that I can use this stand for both of my cars and my sisters van as well, regardless if they had a roof rack or not.. I showed my friends and they wish to use it in the future as well."

"I had tried the other lifting supports before that attach to your trailer hitch and these were nothing but problems. Since I have an SUV, I always need access to opening my rear cargo door, and these supports are always in the way. Also since I do like to bring my Kayak camping with my trailer it’s even more of a problem due to having this support and trailer on the same hitch. This Load Mate solved all these problems since it does not attach to the trailer hitch at all."

"When I tried loading my sailboat onto a trailer hitch support, the nose of the sailboat is always facing the wrong way on my car, backwards. But with the load Mate, I can place this stand anywhere around my car towards the front and place
the boat on it in the correct nose front direction."

"It's crazy to me buying expensive roof racks and boat loading attachments, especially since I cannot transfer one roof rack from one car to another. "

"I find it frustrating that when I go rent a vehicle or borrow a friend’s car, that they normally do not have a roof rack installed on it. Not to mention a trailer hitch. With the LOAD MATE, it’s great that I don’t need a roof rack or trailer hitch
anyways to use it."

"I live in an condo and I do not have the room to store, or the money to buy or even have a trailer hitch on my car to tow a boat trailer."