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What is "The Load Mate"?..

The LOAD MATE is Patent Pending, and was designed to answer the need of millions of people who wishes to have the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE of being able to go boating alone without having or chasing down another person to help them load or to unload their boat.

The LOAD MATE saves you money as you don't require an expensive boat trailer or roof rack systems. It saves you time as the LOAD MATE is always ready to load. No need of switching roof racks and boat loading accessories from one vehicle to another, or installing trailer hitches. It saves you space, as its small in size and only weighs 12 pounds.

Since the LOAD MATE secures your valuable boat to its stand, your boat is always safe even in a strong wind and reduces the risk of damage to it and to your vehicle.

You buy the LOAD MATE once, then you have it for life, even as you change your vehicle, boat, and/or roof rack systems over time.

With the LOAD MATE you can do it alone, and you can load any style of boat onto almost any vehicle that has no roof rack or boat loading system. Also it’s fully adjustable in height and can be placed 360 degrees anywhere around your vehicle. The LOAD MATE never comes into contact with your vehicle, thus reducing the risk of damage to it. Since it does not attach to your trailer hitch, you always have full access to opening your rear cargo door at any time and to use your trailer hitch for other things.

The LOAD MATE is only made out of non-corrosive material like Stainless Steel and Aluminum. No painted, or rust able steel is used, like some others do. It’s portable, and is adaptable for your future boat and family needs. There are many options available for the LOAD MATE, and its expandable.

It can load almost any shape or size of Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard, Sailboat, Fishing Kayak, Surfboard, and everything else in-between weighing 150 pounds or less. And if we should not have the proper attachment for your certain style of boat, then you should let us know, and we will try hard to do.

You’re no longer tied to a one manufactures brand of boat attachments, nor require the time to switch over a roof rack from one vehicle to another. It’s now time to invest your valuable time in what you setout to do in the first place…

To Go boating…

The TOP three LOAD MATE Advantages:

  1. To be able to load your boat, all by yourself, onto any vehicle that has or does not have ANY roof rack system what's so ever.
  2. No trailer hitch required, so then it could be used with any vehicle. And if you should have a trailer hitch, then your now able to use it for what it was intended for.
  3. The LOAD MATE can be placed anywhere 360 degrees around your vehicle for loading, and it does not contact or attach to it in any way.. ever..

Why "The Load Mate" is right for you..

The LOAD MATE is for all the people who wish to load and to unload their boats alone. For people who want their FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, and for the ones who are not as strong as others.

For the ones who wish to reduce the chance for damage to their vehicles during loading/unloading. It’s for people who like to rent vehicles in which they will  probably  not be equipped with a roof rack and/or trailer hitch on it.

For the user who owns several vehicles or borrows a friends who happens to not have the right pricy roof rack or trailer hitch system on it. For the Boater who likes to Kayak, Canoe, Paddleboard etc., and does not wish to buy all the different expensive roof rack attachments for each of their different model car roof rack systems, for every type of boat that they are future planning on using.

Some LOAD MATE advantages:

  • Does not require any expensive roof rack loading attachments or a trailer hitch.
  • Does not contact your vehicle in any way.
  • Is adjustable in height up to a minivan.
  • Is made out of 100% non-corroding materials.
  • Can handle any length of boat up to 150 pounds.
  • Can load Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards, Sailboats, Fishing Kayaks and more.
  • Folds to a compact carrying size, to easily fit into your vehicle.
  • It only takes about one minute to assemble it.
  • Could load two or more boats onto just one vehicle or trailer, and/or on several other vehicles as well.
  • Always keeps your boat securely attached while loading/unloading.
  • Will not scratch or damage your boat by pushing, rolling, twisting or sliding it onto your roof rack, because the boat is fixed firmly to the LOAD MATE.
  • Has no problems loading Kayaks, Sailboats etc. upside down with its deck rigging.
  • It's a great replacement for your boat trailer, as your Fishing Kayak / Sailboat could be loaded on top of your vehicle.
100% Guarantee

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