Load Mate Advantages

Some problems with other loading systems..

Many of these side loaders have a maximum lifting weight capacity of under 100 pounds. Also they are expensive, large, and usually dedicated to only one side of your vehicle; not easily transferable to other vehicles; requires the right roof rack system, and not suited for loading Canoes, Fishing Kayaks, Sailboats etc.
The trailer hitch style forces your vehicle to have a trailer hitch to start off with. Also it’s more difficult to maneuver the boat and to attach it when towing a trailer. You are forced to only be able to load from that one rear position, and you have to push or slide your boat up it and hopefully not damage it or the roof of the vehicle at the same time.
Roof rack roller pivoting attachments are not good for loading sailboats, canoes or most boats upside down, and could damage your boat or vehicle if the kayak is not properly positioned on or between them. Also the rollers themselves could scratch the contacting surfaces of your boat, and you must be equipped with the proper roof rack system.
These adjustable slide guides could scratch the contacting surfaces of your boat as you must push, twist and slide the entire weight of your boat over them. Also you do require a roof rack.
These roof attachment wheels can damage your vehicle as it attaches directly against the window, roof and paint of it. It can shift out of position and the boat could roll off of it. Also the entire weight of your boat is pressing against your rear window and it also cannot be used for upside down canoes and sailboats etc.
This type of suction roller attaches directly, by only suction cups, to your vehicle window. It could slip and the boat could slide off as well. The entire boat weight is placed directly against your fragile window.
Why buy or own an expensive boat trailer and have the hassles of storing it, and not to mention the fact that your vehicle will require a trailer hitch for it, when all you need is the LOAD MATE # LM300, good up to 150 pounds.