Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a roof rack to use the LOAD MATE?

No you don't, since the LOAD MATE is a stand alone loading system that does not contact your vehicle in any way.

Do I require a trailer hitch to mount the LOAD MATE?

You don't, so you could use your trailer hitch for what it was intended to be used for.

How heavy of a boat can the LOAD MATE lift?

The standard LM100 model can help lift up to a maximum boat weight of 100 pounds (46 Kg), and 150 pounds (68 Kg) for the LM300 model.

What is the maximum length of boat that the LOAD MATE lift can load?

The maximum length is endless as long as the overall boat weight is not more than the LOAD MATE maximum rated capacity.

What is the maximum height that the LOAD MATE can support?

The standard LOAD MATE can support a boat up to the height of a typical Minivan. A higher version is possible. Please contact us.

Is it easy to assemble / disassemble the LOAD MATE?

Yes it's easy, as it only takes about one minute to do so.

Can I buy other boat attachments for the LOAD MATE once I own it?

Yes you can. The LOAD MATE is an adaptable lifting system that you just change your lift attachment to suit the kind of boat that you wish to load in the future.

What kind of boats could I lift with the LOAD MATE?

You can load most shapes and lengths of Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards, Sailboats, Fishing Kayaks, Row boats, small fishing boats, Dinghy's, surfboards and any other type of boats weighing less than 150 pounds. Please contact us and we could let you know what the best attachment would be for your boat type.

Will the LOAD MATE ever corrode over time, and if so will I have to repaint it?

All its parts are made out of corrosion resistant materials like Stainless steel, Aluminum and Plastics, so there will be no rusting or future need for repainting.

Is it easy to buy new or replacement parts for the LOAD MATE?

Yes it is. If it's not shown in the "SHOP" section of this web site, then simply email us the LOAD MATE model that you have and tell us what part that your looking for.

What should I do if I would like to have a Custom foam block made for my Kayak profile?

Simply email us your foam top profile shape with dimensions for us to manufacture it for you.

What if I have an unusual boat shape that does not fit onto the LOAD MATE?

Then please let us know its nose, width and length dimension, and also its boats weight, and some photos of the front of the boat were you would like to attach the LOAD MATE to it. Then we would get back to you on how we could make up something customized for you.

Can I still use the LOAD MATE with an existing roof rack system, with or without roller or slide attachments?

Yes you can. You would use the LOAD MATE to lift your boat over your existing roof rack and boat attachment assemblies.

What is the weight of the standard LOAD MATE stand?

The Standard LOAD MATE stand is only 10 pounds.

Is it difficult to transport, and does it take up much space in the car?

The LOAD MATE fits inside of a small carrying bag,  weighs less than 10 pounds,  and is fully portable. It also fits into most standard size vehicle truncks.

Do I need to buy a boat trailer to transport my Fishing Kayak or small Sailboat?

With the LOAD MATE, you don't require a boat trailer as long as these boats are under 150 pounds. So why not load it on top of your vehicle and save the cost of buying a trailer, requiring a trailer hitch, and the hassel of storing it.

Is there a guarantee of some sort?

Of course.

We 100% Guarantee your Satisfaction, or your money back.
If for any reason, after 15 days of receiving your LOAD MATE product, you're not fully satisfied, please contact us to arrange the return of the complete and undamaged product, for your full refund.

Additionally, there is a One Year Limited Warrantee on all our LOAD MATE products.